Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fave African Songs

                                      (Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, one of the seven wonders of the world)

This  list is compiled  of  afrobeats and the good ol' stuff I grew up listening to. But first let me sidetrack for a quick second, I didn't know how AMAZING afrobeat was until I spent the summer before my senior year in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Now my afrobeat list has been strongly influenced by my West African peeps in the African Student Union at my Uni. The electrifying beat just makes me wanna DANCE. Okay, on to the list

1. Magic system-Premier Gaou  This song brings back so many memories and  gets played at literally EVERY African party. 

2.Kukere-Iyanya  My soundtrack for summer 2013 when I was hanging out in Zim and South Africa, this song has special place in my heart because it opened up the doors for me to the Bumpin' world of afrobeat!

3.Neria-Oliver Mtukudzi 

4.Into Yami- Oliver Mtukudzi & Ringo Madlingozi My dad is the biggest Ringo(South African musician) fan. Ever since I got to Uni, I have been listening to this song a lot because it reminds me of my him 

5. Shoki Remix- Davido &; Olamide I heard this song at an African party a couple week ago and was HOOKED!


7.Chop my money-P square Confession,I never used to like this song but I recently heard it at an african party and it kind of grew on me

8. Khona- Mafikizolo & Uhuru

9. Tonight- Burna Boy



  1. Premier Gaou is LIFE!!! It's not a party if you don't play that song. Also Karolina is a good one too! You've given me more songs to add to my playlist!

    1. Yess Premier Gaou is life!! Omg i didn't know that the song was called Karolina until now
      (i just googled it)I love that song! I just never knew the name haha.


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