Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fall Semester Wrap Up

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I have constantly been thrown out of my comfort zone, and I'm slowly learning that it is okay.  All throughout high school I have had two great friends that I can count on/hang out with while at school. Well one of my good friends attends  college all the way in Cali the other one attends a college near home. Ii is beyond weird not having a solid friend here in college like I did back in high school but hopefully this will change. 

 Fall semester highlights 

 -Meeting new people.
-Making friends through an organization I'm involved in.
-Not having my parents arounds(I can come and go whenever I please), 
-My mentor
-Being in an academic environment.

Fall Semester lows:

-My relationship with God has suffered tremendously,
- Dealing with the workload/figuring out how to study. My high school methods aren't going to work here.
-Not knowing what I want to do with my life.
-Questioning why I am even in college, 
-Seeing everyone get close to each other and wondering hmm why am I not close to anyone. 
-Not getting the grades I was "aiming" for.

Homecoming '14

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