Tuesday, February 2, 2016



     Sometimes I feel very unsure about my success in life. Before last semester I always thought that I wanted to become a physician. Then, I took some of my core sciences classes and hated them. I quickly  slipped into a hole where I had no motivation was just going through the motions.
It finally hit me if I’m struggling so much emotionally, academically, and am not even remotely interested in any of these classes, how in the world will I get through med school? I’m not the type of person to just force myself to do something that I am not interested in. I decided to change my course to International Studies with a focus on Africa and International Development. I’m thinking about picking up a minor in something business related who knows maybe Information Systems. Currently I can honestly say that I am enjoying my classes this semester.
     Honestly what bothers me sometimes is when I have  conversations with certain people specifically family members. Who just don’t seem to understand. I guess maybe I value their opinions too much. Just because I don’t want to be an engineer, doctor, lawyer etc doesn’t diminish the fact that I wont be successful. I know that I  have chosen an unconventional path but I am trusting my gut and pursuing  what I love. Life is too short for me to be unhappy or to be thousands of dollars in debt pursuing a degree/degrees that I end up hating.Just so others can have their peace of mind. I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but in a weird way this is starting to excite me and not make me anxiety ridden like it used to. 
     Here is to appreciating the point I’m at in my life and taking ahold of every opportunity that comes my way.  Validation from others doesn’t equate to my success. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking, and don’t settle. ”Here is  to having the courage to follow my heart and intuition because they some how already know what I truly what to become.” Here is to learning to not let the voice of others opinion drown out my inner voice. Most importantly, here is to trusting God even when nothing seems to make sense to me. He has already called on me, so I can’t put my hand down now.

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